Having the right dubstep software is incredibly important, especially for new producers who are just getting in to creating dubstep.


One of the reasons is that dubstep is a very stylized and specialist style of music that requires extreme technical percision to creat the signature bass lines, fx, and beats that define this cutting edge genre of electronic music.


I have created this page to help beginners get started fast by making sure they get their hands on the proper dubstep software. I've been around the block in this scene and tried a ton of different programs and know what works, what doesn't, and what should be avoided until you have more experience in this field.

My Top 3 Dubstep Software Recommendations

#1 - Ableton Live


Ableton Live is hands down one of the best tools on the market. It has everything you need to get started including a massive library of samples and plugins!

#2 - Dubturbo


When it comes to dubstep software this is one of the rising stars in the music proudction community. It is perfect for beginners and is well known for it's dubstep sample library!

#3 - Propellerheads Reason


Reason is a top notch program that is well known for combining it's extremely flexible interface with an easy to use approach that is perfect for new comers to music production! An excellent dubstep software choice for someone who wants a more intermediate approach.